Early Education Funding

Drayton Daisy Chain Pre-School welcomes children in receipt of Two Year Funding, the Universal funding for Three and Four year olds and the Extended Entitlement (30 hours) for three and four year olds.  

A child will be entitled to the additional funded hours from the term after both of the following conditions are satisfied: (1) the child has reached the age of three; (2) the child’s parent has a current valid eligibility code from HMRC. Example: If a parent applies for and receives confirmation of eligibility from HMRC after 1 April, 1 September, 1 December the child will be entitled to start their additional 15 hours from the beginning of the following term. This will not affect their access to the universal 15 hours entitlement.

It is the parent’s responsibility to go online to reconfirm details at the end of each funding period (you will receive an e-mail from HMRC prompting you to do this). 

If you are no longer eligible for the extended funding you will fall into a ‘Grace Period’.  This is a short period of time to give you the opportunity to find work or reconfirm eligibility.

Contact HMRC regarding any queries or appeals on 0300 123 4097 as Drayton Daisy Chain Pre-School and the local authority are unable to answer any queries relating to the online application system.

Parent Declaration for Early Education Funded places

You must complete a Parent Declaration Form every term to enable us to claim all Early Education Funding your child is entitled to.  You must complete this information and return to Drayton Daisy Chain Pre-School to secure your child’s funded place for the following term.

Information you provide on this form will enable us to access any additional funding that your child may be eligible for, such as Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) and Disability Access Fund (DAF).  For further information go to https://www.portsmouth.gov.uk/ext/documents-external/edu-early-years-pupil-premium-disabilty-access-fund.pdf 

Notice Periods

Parents are required to give a 4 week notice period for any funded and paid hours when deciding to withdraw their child from Drayton Daisy Chain Pre-School and will be invoiced for this period in the usual way.

Top-up Fee

Drayton Daisy Chain Pre-School will not charge parents ‘top-up’ fees (the difference between our usual fee and the funding we receive from the local authority to deliver funded places).

Optional Additional Hours

If you require any additional hours these may be purchased – where spaces are available.